Why Willow Glen?


Willow Glen provides a well-rounded classical education that equips students to think through their school subjects with a Christian worldview and to practically apply what they learn in their present and future education, lives, and careers.

Our Vision: Equipping graduates with an excellent education to the glory of God.

Our Mission: Empowering students with enduring tools to acquire knowledge, gain wisdom, and recognize truth, that they may serve with excellence as they embody Christ’s love and purpose in the world.

Core Values

  • Committed to Excellence
  • Dedicated to Servant Leadership
  • Connected through Partnership
  • Rooted in Christ

Core Values

  • Committed to Excellence
  • Dedicated to Servant Leadership
  • Connected through Partnership
  • Rooted in Christ

Place-Based Learning

  • Students learn about God’s creation and stewardship with hands-on experience using the natural and local resources of the surrounding environment

Classical Christian Education

  • Academic Journey: Grammar → Logic/Dialectic → Rhetoric
  • Focuses on the liberal arts, humanities, and sciences
  • Understands that truth, goodness, and beauty are reflections of the Triune God that can be found in the world
  • Believes that the purpose of education is not merely the apprehension of facts but is the development of a virtuous character

Project-Based Learning

  • Offers interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to challenges
  • Focuses on open-ended questions, encouraging the curious and inquisitive mindset of the students


Willow Glen Christian School

At Willow Glen, our commitment to excellence flows out of our desire to honor God and reflect His character in every aspect of our work.  It has direct bearing on our teaching methods and curriculum choices, the classroom culture we cultivate, and the way we conduct ourselves in relationship with others.

As part of our pursuit of excellence in all things, we use a Classical instruction model, a time-tested approach that builds skills in careful listening, thoughtful, clear speaking and writing, critical thinking, and wise reasoning.  We undergird this curriculum approach with project-based learning opportunities that engage and inspire students to apply their growing knowledge and understanding.  Learning opportunities are provided across disciplines, from classroom-based studies to those outside the classroom door, where students explore and engage with the wetland, field, forest, and pond habitats around our school building.

These instructional approaches are designed to build on children’s natural curiosity and lead them to a life-long love of learning while equipping students to excel in the unique way they are designed to serve in the world. 

Cooperative and fruitful partnerships with families, churches, and our community serve to strengthen and empower our work as educators. At Willow Glen, we understand that God has given parents the primary role in raising their children to love God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and their neighbors as themselves (Mark 12:30-31). Our desire is to support parents in that role by providing academic instruction that falls within the statement of faith we share. It is our earnest hope to see children flourish in the context of vibrant partnerships between their parents and teachers.

Practically speaking, our partnership with families means that parental /caregiver (it’s not always a parent) input and perspective on a child is vital, and valued by teachers and other staff members.  It is the goal of teachers and staff members to communicate regularly with parents and caregivers regarding general updates on classroom activities as well as individualized information about their child’s academic progress and conduct in the school setting. Doing our part to maintain robust relationships with our school families is a foundational ethic by which we live.

We are a school that also values strong relationships with churches in our area. Frequent communication, partnering to sponsor events, and welcoming pastors to our school help develop a strong network of church community support for students and families. We also welcome the engagement of members of the community at large, whose expertise in an area can greatly enhance the learning of our students. 

Our vibrant partnerships with student families, area churches, and members of our local community are an important part of our teaching.

Servant leaders focus first on the well-being of others and their community. Our dedication to servant leadership is built upon the understanding that followers of Jesus are called to be servants. We at Willow Glen strive to model a servant lifestyle and to give intentional opportunity and encouragement for students to grow as servant leaders.

The pursuit of a servant leadership ethic is expressed in the relationships that form the fabric of school life and which extend beyond the school to the surrounding community. In these contexts, students learn the value of seeing beyond themselves, putting others’ needs ahead of their own, and finding ways to use their knowledge and skills to work toward the benefit of others

As educators, we are devoted to helping students understand the epic narrative of God’s redemptive purpose for all of mankind and his creation as revealed in the Bible. God’s story is the one we want our students to drink deeply from, to find the thirst of their hearts quenched by His living water. As we faithfully engage in our work of educating children with excellence, we pray that our students will put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him their hope and confidence. 

This goal infuses every aspect of school life, from the study of the Bible to the way we apply Biblical principles and ethics to each area of study and to our everyday operation as a school.  Throughout the day, we take the opportunity to help students see every academic endeavor, every relationship, every motivation, indeed, all of life, from a perspective grounded in the Biblical story. Partnering with parents,caregivers, and the community, we wholeheartedly work toward the goal of forming servant leaders who love truth, virtue, and Christ.