Frequently Asked Questions

Facts & Figures

Why choose Willow Glen?
Willow Glen provides a well-rounded classical education that equips students to think through each subject with a Christian worldview and to apply what they learn in a practical way in their present and future education, lives, and careers. We are Committed to Excellence, Dedicated to Servant Leadership, Connected through Partnership, and Rooted in Christ.
What grades does Willow Glen offer?

Willow Glen offers classical Christian education from Pre-kindergarten (Explorers) through 12th grade.

Where is Willow Glen located?

Willow Glen operates in two sites. The Lower School (Pre-kindergarten to 6th grade) is located at 1768 Dryden Rd., Freeville, NY. The Upper School (7th to 12th grade) is located at 87 W Main St, Dryden, NY.

What are the school hours at Willow Glen?

Lower School from 8:20AM to 2:45PM and Upper School from 8:10AM to 3:10PM.

What is the student to teacher ratio at Willow Glen?

The average student to teacher ratio is 10 students per homeroom teacher. For the entire roster of faculty and staff, including special’s teachers and teacher’s aid, go to Faculty & Staff

What is Willow Glen's uniform policy?

Willow Glen uniforms are sold by Land’s End

Required uniform items: Polo-type short or long-sleeved shirts in blue or evergreen with the Willow Glen logo; female students may wear the polo-type short or long-sleeved dress with Willow Glen logo; navy or black solid pants, shorts, jumper, or skirt, cotton or cotton-blend (no athletic wear or denim). 

These are available through Land’s End but maybe purchased from other suppliers as well: white, navy, or black socks or tights/leggings worn with jumpers, dresses, or skirts; closed-toe shoes; students may wear blue or black jeans on the days when they have Environmental Education. 

Optional items: Outerwear with the Willow Glen logo (fleece jackets, quarter zips, and cardigans in evergreen) are available from Land’s End but are not required. Students may wear a solid navy or black fleece or sweater (no hoodies) in the classroom; students in grades 7-12 will have the option to change for PE. Shirts, shorts, and sweats are available from Land’s End but are not required.

Why uniforms?

Research has shown that wearing uniforms positively affects student decorum, perhaps as a result of the professional mindset they instill. Our Willow Glen Christian School uniforms will also be an expression of school pride and a positive representation of the school in our community. We hope that students and their families will benefit from easier mornings due to the reduced stress of not having to keep track of many varied dress code do’s and don’ts.

What kind of extracurricular activities are available at Willow Glen?

Extracurricular activities include: 1) Clubs led by volunteer parents such as Chess Club and Ski Club; 2) Clubs led by the students; 3) Lessons provided by local professionals such as Voice and French lessons; 4) Volunteering in local initiatives of our faith community; 5) Extended Day activities that include study time, games, and outdoor activities.

Does Willow Glen offer transportation options for students?

Transportation is provided by the parents, their authorized people, or home district buses.

What world languages are taught at Willow Glen?

Latin is taught from Pre-kindergarten to 12th Grade. Spanish is offered as an alternate language from 7th to 12th grades.

At what age do you start teaching additional languages?

Latin classes start in Pre-kindergarten.

Why Latin?

Latin is the foundation of our and many other languages. Learning Latin helps the understanding of grammar and deepens content area vocabulary.

Where do Willow Glen families live?

Willow Glen students come from various districts: Ithaca, Dryden, Cortland, Newfield, Groton, Lansing,, Newark Valley, Groton, Southern Cayuga, Trummansburg, and Candor.

What churches do Willow Glen students and families attend?

New Life Presbyterian Church, Covenant Love Community Church, Christ Chapel,  Bethel Grove Bible Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Catherine of Sienna, His Tabernacle at Ithaca, Vineyard Church of Ithaca, Calvary Baptist at Trumansburg, Cornerstone Community Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Church of the Redeemer, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, East Shore Christian Fellowship, Hillside Alliance Church, First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church, Bread of Life Anglican Church, Thrive Church, Asbury Church at Dryden, Risen Hope Community Church, Foundation Methodist Church at Vestal, First Presbyterian Ithaca, First United Methodist Church.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

Parent involvement ranges from school board participation to participation in committees to volunteering within various roles in collaboration with our community.

How does Willow Glen prepare students for College studies success?

SAT/ACT testing, Advanced Regents diploma and Seal of Biliteracy opportunities, Advanced Placement courses, emphasis on strong writing and rhetoric skills, explicit instruction in executive functioning and study skills.

If I need to drop off my child early at school, is there early childcare?

Willow Glen families may apply for the Early Arrival Program (EAP). The EAP fee is $5 per student and only offered at the Lower School Site.

I work and can only pick up my child after 5PM. What are the options for Extended Day?

Willow Glen families may apply for the Extended Day Program (EDP). The EDP fee is $5 per student per every hour or part  of an hour. EDP is currently only offered at the Lower School site. Clubs and lessons are also offered throughout the year by the faculty, staff, and parents.

Applying to Willow Glen Christian School

How do I apply to Willow Glen?
Three steps: state your interest, fill out an  application, and enroll.

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What is the cost of tuition at Willow Glen?

Tuition and fees at Willow Glen vary based on your child(ren)’s grade and number of siblings.

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What is the deadline for submitting an application?

January 31, 2024 for returning families, siblings, and families of sponsoring churches. March 31, 2024 for new families. After that, on a rolling admission basis.

Do you offer visiting days?

Scheduling school tours with the Head of School will be available from February 1 through March 31 via the application form.

Does Willow Glen require specific testing for admission?
Required testing depends on the age of the child applying to attend Willow Glen. Once you have submitted an inquiry form, you will be able to access the Admissions Portal where a comprehensive list of all necessary testing and required forms can be found.

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Is financial aid available?

Willow Glen encourages and accepts applications for financial aid from all families through the FACTS system. Financial aid is based on financial needs.