Willow Glen has been a godsend for our three children. With small class sizes and a tightly bonded community, there are no anonymous students and each child is truly known when they walk in the door. The team has been so kind, thoughtful, conscientious and joyful, we often find ourselves astonished how they can be so attentive both to our children and to us as parents. It is truly a gem and such a testament to the hard work of the staff who faithfully serve this lovely school!”

The Mathews


“Thriving relationships abound at Willow Glen. The love of Christ motivates us to love each student and family He brings to our doors and one another as staff members, to serve the communities both inside and outside our school, and to care for the creation He has made and given us to steward. We trust that the end result will be graduates of our school who will delight to serve in every area of culture with joy, creativity, hope, wisdom, skill, and love for God and neighbor.”

C. Becker

Member of the School Board, Curriculum Committee and Substitute Teacher

“This is our 8th year as a member of this school community and it may be the best educational decision we have ever made. While sending your child off to school can be fraught with anxiety and confusion, we have the assurance that our student is loved and taught by people who exemplify servant leadership and is surrounded by peers who cooperate, collaborate, and encourage. We love that she gets to learn in a beautiful natural setting and come to better know the Creator who is behind it. Willow Glen challenges her academically, teaches her to discern truth, and cares for her spirit. It’s everything a parent could ask for.”

Dr. Ryan O'Dowd, Academic Director and Senior Chaplain, Chesterton House

Amy O'Dowd, Associate Dean, Ithaca College